I also wrote…

The only other places you can find my writings are The Students Blog, The Up-riser or my journal (if you can find it). If you have read this blog and you feel you could use my thoughts on a more than daily basis, add me on Facebook (you already know my name) or follow me on twitter @Victor_Enas. Stalkers welcome.


2 thoughts on “I also wrote…

  1. I am slowly gaining confidence writing my blog I enjoyed your post. I felt some underlying agnst for you 1. you indicated you had been MIA and now were returning, you did not sound optimistic. I hope things look up for you maybe the love results will help. Also you indicated that you liked blogging better than people. I have days like that as well but as a grandmother I do not carry negative feelings about the human race very long. My grandchildren are a hoot and a testimony to the positive side of human nature. I would not trade the peace of age for the robustness of youth at least not today. Thanks for being a real person and letting the vulnerable you slip through the lines. I find encouragement with honest bloggers.

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