MPC: The Undoing

Autumn 2013

Hello there. Welcome to the month of April that inexplicably begins with a day dedicated to fools, but all the same, welcome anyways. March was a great month. Like, really great Blog-wise. As for life-wise, it was kind of the same. I was still confused, angry and concealing the pain I wake up from my bed with. The good thing is, with life comes lessons and I did learn a lot. The most important thing I learnt is that, sometimes, you just have to put yourself out there and let people see who you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and where you’re going. It’s a great thing inviting people in (sometimes), because you don’t have all it takes to get through life yourself. Some people accept you, some people don’t and that’s okay. There are some people you wouldn’t accept as well. Let it be said that they accepted you and you made friends, let it be said that they ignored you, let it be said that they drove you away from their sight, but let it not be said that you didn’t try. Always try.

That said, it’s time to honor all the bloggers who honored my request and sent their images in. I can’t really explain how grateful I am to you guys. You rock! If you’re reading this, you should totally check out these peoples’ images:



Unleashed Thoughts

Mitch Zeissler (1) (2) (3) (4)

Last month, we did the undoable by taking away the color of spring. I know. I’m sorry I did that to you. Spring should be a period of color, but I encroached it with my grey-scale mentality and ruined your lives. You’ve got to admit, your images did look splendid though. Just saying. Anyways, this month, the April fool has touched my heart and we are “UN-DOING”. Yes, we are bringing the color back to spring! You can finally go out and take photos of that flower outside your yard and leave it in color. The fact that it’s going to be in color, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be creative about it though. So, take a seat, have an imaginative thought or two, then take your camera and go catch some fun. I know I will. Even though I have a lot of studying to do.

You know the drill. When you get your photos ready for the world to see, upload them and send the link to me as a comment on any blog post dated after this one. You could also tag them to #MPC_undoing on instagram. I can’t wait to see your amazing images. Seriously, I’m so ecstatic; my toes have grown an extra inch and a half.

Before I leave you, I just want to say, special thanks to Cee’s Photography blog for featuring me in one of her challenges. I feel really, really honored, and as soon as I stop smiling from ear to ear, I’ll find a way to add your badge to my homepage. Thank you so much!

That’s it! Go out, undo the evil you have done to spring and bring back some color into your spring photos. Don’t forget to post them here though. See y’all later!

In oddly related news, I didn’t get to watch Casablanca and I’m still a “Here’s looking at you kind”- outcast. It’s just that when I think of black and white photos, I see retro-creative, but when I think of black and white movies, I see retro-boring. But the good news is that HTC ONE (M8) is a splendid phone and I’m turning all my attention to it. Since I haven’t gotten it yet, here’s a picture of a scary ostrich.


Ostrich Picture courtesy of


Hand-shaped Heart

Heart Afo

This picture is a story of a number of failed attempts at shaping a heart with your hand. It features the closest to the best, but really, it reminds me of a number of horrible horrible attempts. Perhaps that’s how love is: we try, try, try, then fail, fail, fail, and eventually take the closest to the best, edit it in Photoshop and at the end love comes out looking bright with vivid colors and awesome contrast. Then we watermark it and show it to the world.

…or perhaps not. What do I know?

Have a nice day 🙂

Trick of Nature

The problem: I have this psychological condition where although I am totally attracted to women and they are completely attracted to me mainly because of my dashing good looks and pleasing personality, they (the women) find it difficult to put up with me on the long run. From what I have gathered, this is as a result of my annoying antics of making everything a joke and making their life too trivial for their liking. Apparently, women want to be cared for VERY MUCH. I for one am a supporter of the gender equality thing that what a man can do, a woman can do better, so I tend to see carrying women as fragile vases made of glass as disrespectful to their more realistic abilities. For me, what normally starts out as a true attraction to a woman of my dreams ends with a text message saying “ I feel I should protect myself from you; your use of sarcasm is hurtful and unnecessarily so. Moreover, its tough to be open with someone when all they do is throw it all in your face” (yes, someone said that to me). I have come to the conclusion that there is a part of me dedicated to ruining every chance I get at being happy with a woman, ESPECIALLY if I like her. The funny thing is, I’m a total darling with guys. We get along pretty well, they understand me completely and I can prove this because I’ve had the same best friend for over 6 years. So basically, I have bad luck with maintaining a relationship with women but I experience long-term success in my buddy-ship with the guys.

The Solution: I deceive everyone that I am now gay. The force of nature realizes that since I am gay, my wheel of fortune should be turned against men instead of women. This will then give me the opportunity to finally have a long term relationship with the woman of my dreams and ruin all friendships with males, except the ones that were secretly gay, with whom I won’t be able to be friends with because of my demise. But I won’t care, all I want is to be with the woman I really love and all my male friends can go light matches underwater. Ha-ha! Sorry force of nature, I win!!!

*Doing the happy dance that mysteriously resembles twerking*

Autumn Yellows

Autumn 2012Ah! Autumn, the time where the city is at its peak of beauty, with trees bearing leaves that look more yellow than the cornea of a person with jaundice, garnished by the tinge of magenta that comes with the clear sky. William Yeats captured it well enough when he said, “The trees are in their autumn beauty, and the woodlands paths are dry. Under the October twilight, the water mirrors a still sky”. Its that time of the year when people put on sad excuses for sweaters and complain about the subtle cold that seems like devilish chills after the atmospheric sauna that was the summer

There are a few things I love about autumn. Firstly, the name autumn: it sounds like what you’d name the prettiest girl in the world. Maybe its just my inner linguist talking but any word that puts two vowels close together always gets my vocabulary juices flowing. Autumn sounds like the something good, something relieving, something that heals; it makes me want to make more of myself. Secondly, the leaves: Oh! The yellow leaves, which mimics the color of a jaundiced Caucasian. They are shiny and dry and amazingly half dead. And then they fall, fall to the ground in a swaying motion, taking their time to make sure every bit of their life was worth it. Like they are heading for eternal rest in the bosom of some amazing dry-leaf goddess that would take care of them for eternity. It likens to the resolution of a movie, the part where the bad guy finally dies and good prevails, the part where you get to understand the twisted mind of the antagonist, the part where the insecure girl falls for the captain of the basketball team, the part where the prodigal son returns.

Autumn is my favorite part of the year. It lies between a moment of joy and a period of work. It is the perfect transition from reward back to labor. It inspires me. That as those leaves fall, one after the other, I shed my skin, and I give away every bit of myself back to the world that has given me so much. It makes me see me the way I ought to see myself, as naked; that nothing lasts forever. That the glories which sprouted in spring and blossomed in summer have faded away and once again I have to earn the right to be who I want to be. That I can’t be perfect no matter how hard I try. That no matter how much I blossom, there are just some things I can’t fight against. It reminds me that I am indeed insufficient. That I have limits and that the leaves with which I shield myself will one day turn yellow and fall away.

Best of all, it reminds me that it’s time. Time to work hard to make my leaves grow again, time to settle down and protect myself from the fiery winter, time to go into the dark and study hard, and most importantly, time to prepare to blossom in the upcoming spring. Because I have now come to see that the joy of success beats the pain of the process anytime, any day.

Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On

I am an arrogant person. Yes, I admit that with pride. How do I know this, because I am a writer, or blogger at least. Blogging is an act of arrogance because it sends the message that everyone else should stop whatever it is they are doing, and read my thoughts, opinions, stories and sometimes-outright insanity.

I became arrogant a while ago. About one year ago, I stole a place in the heart of a young lady’s blog titled THE STUDENT’S BLOG. That was where my arrogance began, I expressed myself in the most absurd of ways. I would post about anything. From actual life experiences on how tough it gets to be me, to step-by-step instructions on what to do when your girlfriend turns into a mermaid. It was hilarious, and I know this because people loved it. They called it genius. But what made it really interesting was that I loved doing it. I loved being the guy who put a smile on their faces with the simple witty use of teenage lingo.

All that made my arrogance grow even more, as now, I was regarded with the same name that graced the likes of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Christopher Nolan and whoever secretly designed iOS 7. I took myself to the next level and opened my own blog, or as I like to call it, my portal of arrogance. The blog would be my very own safe haven of everything that tickles my fancy and drives me to want everyone else waste precious minutes of their lives on it.

I love my arrogance, because for some reason, it is what I love to be. I am a very opinionated person, and that comes off the back of a rather exposed life I have had the opportunity of living. I love to share the experiences I have had and paint a certain picture of clever genius to it. Most importantly, I love my arrogance because it is my hobby, craving, redemption, respite and, most of all, it is who I am.

So log on, follow, like, comment, and engage yourself in the act of reading, whatever. Even counter opinions are welcome, as long as no explicit language is used (I’m very sensitive). I can’t promise it would be like Moby Dick or Charles Dickens or Dan Brown or Khaled Housseini (whoever that is) and the rest, but I can affirm that it would be fun, funny and sometimes really inspiring because that’s what I stand for; that life is not in anyway difficult, but simple. And the simplicity of life is in our ability to take what seems like a hurtful, painful, trauma-inducing, heartbreaking experience and turn it into a bed of metaphorical roses, using it to get one step ahead of our constantly evolving adversaries.