Monthly Photography Challenge: Le Noir


The month of march is a good one. It’s the time where spring begins to show its true colors and flowers begin to feign interest in blossoming. The bright sunshine and vivid colors of spring are the best part of spring season photography. The reds pop, the yellows shine and we can’t help but color-correct some cyans and magentas into the shadows. The bottom-line is spring is the best season for taking colorful pictures. That’s why I have decided to take away all the color from spring this month and express it in good old-fashioned black and white.

Before I continue geeking out on how excited I am about this new challenge, I feel obliged to write about what I’ve been up to this past few days. Over the last week, Russia and Ukraine (the country I live in) have been edging towards what could be a 21st century war, and the money I was supposed to preserve incase war actually breaks out and I have to buy a flight ticket outta here is what I’ve invested in a 50mm f 1.8 Nikon prime lens, some food stuff and Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita (which is the best first person shooter on the handheld by far). I just couldn’t resist. The Ukrainian currency is currently so low, I felt I would be harming myself if I didn’t take advantage. Anyways, just incase war breaks out and I don’t have enough money and legs to run, I’ve decided to download an android app that teaches civilians how to shoot guns. I’m also practicing my protesting voice. Hint: It’s gonna be louder than Leonardo DiCaprio’s screams in Wolf of Wall Street. I’m also learning how to say “Don’t shoot me, I’m on your side” in both Ukrainian and Russian languages. That should get me prepared for anything.


Anyways, back to photography. Last month was a great experience. I bent the leaves of my physiology textbook, created shadows and exploited my portfolio for several photos which had anything to do with love. There were a lot of pictures I still didn’t get to upload as I had forgotten that the month of february had only 28 days, not 31. This month however, I intend uploading at least 15 pictures in black and white, then maybe an article about my experience shooting and editing a particular picture.

Remember you could always be a part of the fun by taking bright, colorful spring photos, converting them to black and white and sending them to my page on Facebook “Victor Ohwo Photography”, or if you’re on Instagram, upload the photo and insert the hashtag #MPCle_noir if you want me to see them. (Both old and new photos included). Or you could send me the link to the picture as a comment on any of my blog posts if you’ve already posted it somewhere. You could partake, you could not partake, you could partake. It’s stupid. I’m stupid.

Okay, that should be it for now. Thanks for reading and an even bigger thanks for partaking (if you do). You’ll be hearing from me, I hope to hear from you too.

In oddly related news, I feel like watching Casablanca. I really want to be able to feel what people feel when they think of the sentence: “Here’s looking at you kid.”