What We Learnt This Week

Hi there! Welcome to the first WWLTW of the year 2014 and I swear it was meant to be much better than this but you know, the procrastinating heart wants what the procrastinating heart wants. Anyways, no “new year new me” for me,  WWLTW isn’t going to change much, it’s still going to be me pretending to be a journalist and you pretending to be an adept reader of WordPress blogs. In my opinion, the first week of the year was pretty dull, except Jan 1st (you’ll know why later) and I’m not covering CES yet, so maybe next week when I understand WTF they are doing. Enough chit chat, let’s see what PoP learnt this week:

1. January 1st on a Wednesday, thanks but no thanks.


            I love public holidays; they give me something to look forward to. There’s a pleasure that comes with an early week ending or an extended weekend rest with a holiday on Monday, but a holiday on Wednesday? That’s not right. It was a totally useless day and the worst part was that I then had to carry myself up to class the following day…and the next. There should be no holidays in the middle of the week any more; let’s pass that as a law, because it just doesn’t make sense. If I want to escape one day of work at the middle of the week, all I have to do is call in sick. New Years celebration on a Wednesday is LAME, I could tell from the faces of the people I saw on Thursday.

2. Sherlock is back from the dead and is as arrogant as ever- we love it!


            Remember when I said January 1st was great, this was most definitely why. The real time adaptation of Mark Gatiss and Steve Moffat returned on BBC One last Wednesday with an episode from the actual story “the Adventure of the Empty House” titled “The Empty Hearse” and Sherlock Holmes is back with a bang, but still the same; a practical genius in many areas, but awkwardly stupid in fundamentals. He thought he’d be dead for 2 years and life would still revolve around him? That’s a sociopath right there! But not to worry, I’m not giving any spoilers, as the show is yet to hit US television screens (although I’m sure they’ve pirated it and watched it anyways). Sherlock’s return is definitely why I smiled on January 2nd and it’s why I’m smiling now, because episode 2 is out. Spoiler alert! They used a swear word in the episode, it’s “F-Cough”. Sherlock is a TV series for the great minds and it’s a great way to understand the character if you don’t usually grok Arthur Conan Doyle’s lingo (PS: I think ACD was a angel sent from God, to teach us the science of deduction so that we can deduce that God is real and pledge our lives to him for as long as we live). Sherlock is a must-see for everyone and if you haven’t seen it, I urge you go look for it; it would change your life.

3. Scientists find where all your emotions go.


Finnish researchers have been able to find out where all your emotions go in our bodies with a little study they showed up with in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, called ‘Body Atlas’. How did they arrive at this? Well, they asked 773 people who participated in the study to highlight the areas of their body where they felt more activity, or less activity after they were shown stories, movies, words, etc. that have specific influences. Where sensations were high, they would color red, then yellow while blue colored areas signified lowered sensation. Pretty impressive stuff, there is obviously a sharp difference between depression and sadness (people tend to confuse those two), anger shows high activity in the arms also (which explains why you almost always want to punch someone in the face when you’re angry), happiness looks pretty widespread, love shows some serious abdominal activity, finally explaining the “butterflies in your stomach feeling”, envy and contempt are all in your head, and shame looks like Spider Man. Oh! Yea, in case you were wondering, the study was made on Finnish and Taiwanese people, I’m pretty sure Africans are configured differently.

4. Transfer window buzz begins.


The January transfer window opens once again and with it, speculation. Bertrand Traore, the Burkina Faso international moved to Chelsea, only for him to be loaned to Vitesse Arnhem. Clint Dempsey is with Fulham (again) for 2 months though, and some other non-note worthy signings…yet and Atletico Madrid and Chelsea are said to be working out a deal that keeps Thibaut Courtois and renders Koke or Diego Costa as leverage (What a rip-off! For Atletico that is; Costa and Koke would flop in the BPL, I can bet on it). The January transfer window is however best known for its biggest flop, Fernando Torres but there have been some good signings from January too e.g. Luis Suarez, Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra. Although the Luis Suarez thing is debatable, he has caused a lot of catastrophe since he arrived at Anfield, only fair he made himself useful at some point. In other news, Torres scored on New Year’s Day, he effectively has more goals this year than Leo Messi- Torres is back! January holds some stiff promise with managers looking for that mid-season fresh blood and here’s a list of players who might be moving this month: Xabi Alonso, Salomon Kalou (to God knows where), Mario Balotelli (to Chelsea), Dimitar Berbatov, Edin Dzeko (to Valencia), Iker Casillas (all things are possible with the World Cup coming), Juan Mata (anywhere really, he’s that desperate), Wayne Rooney (common Wayne, are we still on this bus?) and lots more. Be sure to keep tabs on Manchester United, they may sign in a flop or two to add to their clueless manager and Marouane Fellaini.

5. FIFA World Cup 2014 may begin with a mind-control kick.


Thanks to “The Walk Again Project”, a paralyzed teenager, using mind-controlled prostheses would kick-off the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer. According to CNET’s Bonnie Burton “The exoskeleton will support the lower part of the body and enable the paralyzed wearer to walk using wireless electrodes attached to the head that collect brainwaves, which then signal the suit to move.” As for me, I think its going to take more than a magical kick to get Spain to retain their title as Champions of the World #teamNigeria.

Photo Credits: CNET, Google and Bunch of other places I can’t remember. Thanks!


What We Learnt This Week

Hello there, I know I skipped a week of WWLTW and I’m sorry (not like you care) but there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that skip. I was ill; my liver was enlarged, my kidney failed, I had to get a heart transplant and my limbs had to be cut off to make room for my enlarged liver. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this article with my ‘insert generic name for male genitalia’, which I fear would soon meet the same demise as my limbs. Actually, all I had was a cold and a high temperature. But not to worry WWLTW is back to share with you, all the highlights of last week.

1. Prince William calls his wife “babykins”:


How do I know that? The News of the World hack told me. Yes that one, remember? The one you criticized for going too far to get stories to publish. What’s so fascinating about this discovery (to me at least) is that in a family like the royal one, I would expect, to be coated in decorum, bureaucracy and all that Coming to America-like “brush the royal teeth” nonsense, not the future King of England calling his wife something as weird and intimate as “babykins”. On the other hand this goes a long way to say how what we see about people on the tele and magazines isn’t all there is to them: one the TV we may be coated men with black ties and royal blood, but deep down we are all just very ordinary people in need of one “babykins” or the other.
2. The Barclays Premier League is the most competitive European top football league:

Barclays Premier League Teams With Arsenal’s bore draw with Chelsea at the Emirates, the difference between the first (Liverpool) and the fifth placed team (Everton) is only 2 points; that’s as competitive as it gets. Compare their figures to the other main top flight leagues people care about, what you get are fifth placed teams genuinely out of the title race: In the Spanish “La Liga”, you have Barcelona on top at 46 points and fifth placed Real Sociedad at 29, a 17 point gap. In the German Bundesliga, we have Bayern Munich sitting on top at 44 points (with a game in hand, which they’ll probably win) and Wolfsburg at fifth with 30 points. This pattern repeats itself in Ligue 1 with PSG at 44 and St. Etienne at 30, then Serie A has Juventus at 46 while Inter with 31. It shouldn’t be news when the broadcasting right to the BPL season go for a billion pounds. An argument can be made as to if it is the most exciting (which it is) but as to whether it’s the most competitive, no one should dare say otherwise. That said, I think either Chelsea or Man City would win the league; Liverpool doesn’t have the charisma, Arsenal doesn’t have the guns.
3. Nokia thinks the iPad is invisible in direct sunlight:


If you’ve been paying any attention to Nokia, you’d find out that they have released  couple of new commercials for their Tablet, the Lumia 2520. One of them is about a guy and a mallet that doesn’t make any sense to me, while the other is about people who go to the park but are too busy with their tabs (which I think look like iPads) that they can’t seem to see under direct sunlight forcing them to go for shaded areas where their dog doesn’t want. I just have two words for them: RETINA DISPLAY. It’s not called “retina” for mere naming purposes, that S**T is BBRRRIGHT! It’s clear, it’s flossy, it’s shiny, it is beautiful and I’m sorry, but Nokia, You can’t say your screen for Lumia 2520 is better than iPad Air’s retina display. Find a different tackle for your next commercial, I liked the “don’t fight, switch” campaign; it got me my Nokia Lumia 920, stick with that. People buy Nokia not because there aren’t better phones out there, but because they want a new terrain, that’s the gist. If you want to pick on any tab, pick on Samsung tabs; no one cares about them.
4. A new series of 24 would come May, 2014:


It would be set some years after season 8, it would be 12 episodes but would still adhere to the hour-by-hour thing (how would that work?). Anyways, as long as Jack Bauer is coming back, just tell me where to find it and I’ll go there. It’s going to be called 24:Live Another Day, so you can go check it out. And besides, if you haven’t heard of 24, look properly, you’re definitely living in a hole in the ground.

What we Learnt This Week


            Ah! December, my second favorite month of the year, closely behind August, my birth month. Cold winds, straight faces, sad excuses for snow flakes and anticipation for the end of another graceful year makes December easily a fan favorite. Oh! And the celebration of the birth of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. The first week of December was a breeze to me; it went by faster than I could say “Look! That girl is putting on leggings under the misguided conception that they are clothes.” And here are a few things we learnt this week:

1.  There will be a Friday the 13th:


Except you’ve been living a totally isolated life without a TV or a calendar, you know the implication of this. The date “Friday the thirteenth” is considered a worldwide unlucky day and not that I believe in that stuff, I find it amusing to spook kids into believing that the only way to not experience bad luck on this day is to do my every bidding; that’s fun. Friday the 13th is also a movie franchise where a guy named Jason wears a mask and murders a bunch of marijuana smoking campers. You take your pick.

2.  Manchester United are in transition:


Presently occupying 9th position in the EPL and finding themselves 13 points behind surprise league leaders Arsenal, it’s perhaps safe to say that a David Moyes led United isn’t going to make it to any point we can call success this season compared to his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson. But maybe we shouldn’t really be comparing Moyes to someone who I think is the greatest manager to ever grace the premiership era besides Jose Mourinho. Sir Alex Ferguson was a genius and trust me, even calling him a genius feels like an understatement sometimes and before Moyes can reach where he reached with this Man United squad, its going to be a while…a long while. So let’s not jump to conclusions and start booing the man who has taken the worst job in football management history since Rafa Benitez took over Inter Milan from Mourinho, but lets calm down and think about this very logically: looking at the squad they have and their spending policies, Man United under any other management besides Fergie are a “slightly above average club” at most and we shouldn’t really expect too much from a newcomer like D.Moyes. That said, fire the Scot and bring in Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

3.    Next Apple phones would have wireless charging, we hope:


On December 3rd, 2013 Apple Inc. finally won a patent for a wireless near field magnetic resonance power charging system. That’s jargon for wireless charging.  According to Patently Apple, “In one embodiment, the wireless charging environment can include various computing devices along the lines of a desktop computer, a laptop computer, net book computer, tablet computer, etc. In some cases, a wireless power supply will be able to be used to provide power wirelessly to various electronic devices such as and iPhone that includes a portable power supply for mobile operation.” Yeah! Pretty cool eh? You don’t feel so good about rushing into buying that iPhone 5S early now, do you? Seem those of us waiting for the iPhone 6 are going to have the last laugh after all. Anyways, just because Apple has acquired the patent doesn’t mean they are going to implement it. Most of this stuff never really gets made into something but it’s a great way to spice up hype for the next iPhone I must admit.

4.    Siri can’t do math: No, seriously. Ask it “4.23 minus 1.27”. Go on, don’t be scared.

5. 51913-Rip-Paul-Walker

If you want to be popular, die. Trust me, it worked for Paul Walker. I loved his performance in “Hours” though; that was his best movie I watched.

6. Don’t support what is wrong because the person perpetrating the act is a friend; always stand for what is right, no matter the consequences.

7. I ignorantly continue to live in the denial that Nelson Mandela is not dead; he’s just too awesome to die.

What we Learnt This week


            Finally, November ends and with it, some important events I’d really love to participate in but can’t, because I haven’t got time or money like NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. All the same, the last week of November was a great week and here are a few things we learnt from it:

1.    The Prices of Xbox One and PS 4 are not coming down any time soon


How do I know this? The answer is simple; those new game consoles are making megabucks right now. With PS 4 and Xbox One selling over a million units within their first respective 24 hrs, I don’t think the first thing on either Sony or Microsoft’s minds is to reduce the price of their respective best selling gaming consoles at the moment. However, good news arrives, well not so good news, according to this article by Nick Statt on CNET, the next best bet is on game bundles, which I assume to be a great bargain if I do say so, myself. You could buy a console and a game to play on it at once? That sounds awesome. Anyways, if you don’t want bundles and you don’t like spending more than the equivalent of $400 in your currency for a game and you’ve been waiting anxiously for a price cut on either of the consoles, get your sorry, frugal, ass to the game store and buy it for what it costs now, because it isn’t getting any cheaper anytime soon.

2.    Where there is no Cristiano Ronaldo, there is a Bale


Ever since his mega money move from Tottenham Hotspurs to Real Madrid, the current world’s most expensive player, Gareth Bale, has been under immense scrutiny; every single person wants to point their finger at him. He kicks a ball wide, he’s a flop, he makes a pass that doesn’t connect, he’s a flop, he jumps for a header but doesn’t get the ball, and he’s a flop. So many accusations for one man who just got to a new club in a new country playing a new style of football, in a new league not more than 3 months ago; its uncanny. And then comes the injury to Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale shows his worth with a superb free kick against Galatasaray in the UCL and a hat trick against Valladolid in La Liga. I for one, remember how Real Madrid play without Ronaldo, its like watching a bunch of chickens kicking a rubber ball around and then managing to score a goal or two and running away to victory, no real entertainment. But in Bale, Real Madrid has the second stand out man they have needed for way too long. Bet his critics are in their niche hiding now that the Welshman has risen to the occasion, but I’ll be expecting them to come at him when he kicks the ball wide in any incoming match.

3.    Pastor Ade Teaches us How to Praise


In the city of Donetsk, every Sunday the Doxa City Church, Donetsk, holds a church service at Artema 131a behind Stolichniy hotel. This previous Sunday was no different and everything seemed to be going according to plan: Opening prayer, a few songs, TOL, Praise and worship, testimonies, Choir ministration, another round of worship, Main message, announcements, offering, share the grace and go home to continue the sad routine that is the life of a foreign student. Then along comes Pastor Ade from Zaporozhe right before the offering is given and he raises song that changes everything. He doesn’t sing songs by Israel and New Breed, Ron Kenoly, Hillsong or Marvin Sapp but he praises God the way he knows how, the way we know how; in typical Nigerian praise. The people sing, the people dance, its obvious the previous praise session didn’t show any of the congregations’ potentials. The best part of the praise session is that we know the songs and the songs know us too well, then we sing and dance till the atmosphere changes. The offering basket goes round and for the first time in the church, it’s as if people want to give their money away. They place their envelopes in the baskets with smiles on their faces, like it’s not a formality anymore. Thank you Pastor Ade, God bless you richly, may you continue to grow in grace more and more and more.

What We Learnt This Week

Hurray! November is coming to an end…oh! Wait. What’s that? There’s still one entire week to go? Then why does that restaurant across the street already have a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” sign hanging over its door? Okay, fine. Hurray! The 3rd week of November has come to an end! Happy now? Yes, yes you are. It’s been a great week and here are a few things we (yes, we) have learnt:

  1. PlayStation 4 is an awesome console

PS 4

No doubt about it the arrival of the Sony PS 4 has changed the way my week has been going. All of a sudden I have a smile on my face for no apparent reason, all because a new toy has arrived. Am I getting the console? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Am I getting it right now? No, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a PS 4 until next summer. Sony has outdone themselves and their counterparts, Microsoft, with this new impressive piece of hardware with an awesome looking console, impressive graphics (although I wouldn’t expect to be mind-blown like I was with the PS 2 to PS 3 transition), a great controller and best of all its $100 cheaper than its rival, Xbox One. Surely, I think the PS 4 is awesome and I bet a lot of people do too: 1 million units sold in its first 24 hours, that has got to be some sort of record. If you want to read the preview I wrote about the PS 4, you can get it here.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and FIFA thinks so too.

C.R 7

The display the Portuguese maestro has been putting on both in La Liga and on what should be called the world stage has been nothing less of LEGEND…wait for it… DARY, Legendary. With a hat trick against Real Sociedad taking his tally to 16 this season in the Spanish league (PS: Lionel Messi has 8 goals), a late winner for Portugal last week in the play-offs and then another hat trick this week with Portugal, the Real Madrid playmaker is in scintillating form and deserves to be the world’s best footballer of the year. I know I’m right because FIFA agrees with me. They didn’t care how it was going to look, they stretched the time for voting for the FIFA Ballon D’or and allowed voters who had already voted, the chance to change their minds and cast a “better” vote. So yes, voting ends on November 29 and the name is Cristiano Ronaldo not Lionel Messi, Franck Ribery and the other guy…what was his name again? F**K I can’t remember. Oh! Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Yeah, that’s it. Don’t vote for him too.

3. Originals is the reason we still watch The Vampire Diaries


Yes, we. I know you didn’t watch it too, but you’ll watch it later. There’s nothing to hate about Originals; it has a black man in control, an outstandingly pretty and powerful teenage witch, a gentleman and a guy with a British accent. Who hates those things? No one! But TVD is killing my vibe with Ketsia, or is it Tasa, amnesia-Stefan, third-wheel Jeremy, Ghost Bonnie, meddling Caroline, Dr. Do-too-little, Traveller Matt, Elena, Kat-Elena, and Elena-from-two-thousand-years-ago and lets not forget Original Stefan: is he a witch, is he a vampire? Oh! He is a witch that drinks blood, that’s convenient. Originals is why we watch TVD and I hope the producers have a plan to spice up what used to be the reason I lived for Fridays with some cutting edge drama like Bonnie coming back to life along with Alaric, that would be awesome.

4. Nobody likes a smart-ass

What more can I say; they’ll hate you for what you’ve got, they’ll hate you for what you haven’t.

5. Instagram has come to Windows Phone


Finally, it’s been a while since I uploaded a photo to a community that actually appreciates photography, Instagram. Although I am tempted to say we are now catching up with android and iOS, I’m afraid of being struck by lightning immediately after I say it. But, nonetheless as I said on Facebook, “INSTAGRAM”!!!!!!!!!