Dear Victor

Dear Victor,

Last month we had a new neighbor, and for some reason my kids prefer to play with her than with me, their own stepmother. My new neighbor tends to give them toys to play with and sweets to savor on while they play with those despicable toys and that just pisses me off, because I want the kids to stay at home and not go out all the time. I am also under the impression that my neighbor’s friendliness with children is only a front for what she really has in mind: She wants to fatten up my kids up with sweets and then eat them later, just like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. I know this is going to sound cliché, but I love my step kids and since I don’t yet have any kids of my own, I see them as mine. Please help me get them away from the clutches of our evil witch-next-door.


Grown up who still reads fairytales.

Dear Grown up who still reads fairytales,

What you have is what we in the human race call, honest disgust for the happiness of others, commonly known as Jealousy. But it’s not a problem; jealousy is a totally natural response to being a despised stepmom. The best way I can think of helping you is to make the children understand that you run things in this house now and that you can be fun too, but I doubt they’ll be willing to listen so to make things a little easier, it is in my professional opinion that I ask you to throw in some pipecuronium bromide into their morning tea immediately after your husband leaves for the office. The pipecuronium would paralyze their skeletal muscles and make them docile for as long as you want. Now that you are sure you have their undivided attention, pour your heart out to them and if they refuse to listen to you still, make it a thing. Put in on your calendar “Pipecuronium Wednesday” let them know you wouldn’t give up, trust me, it may take some convincing but after a month of constant pipecuronium-ing they’d come around.


Dear Victor,

I have a problem with the receptionist in the building I live in. Every time I’m coming into the building after a long day, she keeps asking my to show my ID before entry. Now I have lived in this building for 4yrs and this woman knows that, she just keeps doing this to annoy me. Please help me, I don’t want to get her fired, I just want payback for all the times she has forced me to reopen my briefcase to get my ID out.


Frustrated in Donetsk.


Dear Frustrated in Donetsk,

Revenge is my favorite gift to give, and what better time is there than the present. Here is a strategy a friend of mine came up with: When you are on your way home next time, buy a bottle of water and save a little of it …scratch that… a lot of it in your mouth before you begin going into your building. As soon as you get in and she asks you for your ID, look around you if there are any guards and if the coast is clear, spit the entire volume of water you’ve been holding in your oral cavity into her face and quickly run to your room before she can alert anyone. When she sees you coming into the building next time she’ll be enveloped with mixed feelings as to whether she should do her job or get a face wash and that should be payback enough.

That’s it for the week!

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