Victor Ohwo is a Nigerian, medical student who happens to have a flair for writing. He loves to read, engage in mindless debates, have fun, take photos and write even more. He is a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes and Robert Langdon. He is currently studying at the M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University in Ukraine from where he observes the globe and writes some exciting stuff on his blog when he can find the time. He was brought up a Christian, and hails from the insignificant town of Ughelli that he doesn’t think would appear on Google maps when you search for it. He also wants to thank you for visiting his blog, especially this page that took him so much time to write. He hopes you enjoy reading.

Oh! He’s Nigerian, meaning he’s of average height, slim, handsome, rich and blessed with a blend of creamy chocolate skin. Yes, He’s single too. He subtly asks that if you find him attractive and feel the urge to contact him, do not do so unless you are either a 19 year old Beyoncé, 19 year old Megan Fox, or what the heck, 35 year old Megan Goode.


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