MPC: Alumina

be bold What a wonderful month April was! It was really one of my greatest months this year; it was a pity it had to end. Well, all good things come to an end we can only hope for better things ahead.

Last month we had a very interesting challenge “The undoing”. We undid the evil we did to spring back in march and it was fun. Honestly, including color to my spring photos changed the way I composed, edited and interacted with the image as a whole. You may not know this, but I’m a monochrome junkie. I used to think that in order to make an image really stand out and give it the timelessness it so very much deserves, you have to take away the color and just gaze on the raw, grey scale beauty of it. The smile on the face of a person in a portrait is usually less distracting when you’ve taking the color from the image and won’t be pondering on why their teeth isn’t white enough. But I’ve come to understand that when a picture is rich in color, when the yellows are yellow and the greens are green not a shade of black, it can still be timeless and stand out because colors stimulate a different part of the brain; the fun part, the happy part, the emotional part, the part that wants to make you go to the amusement park and get on a ride called “Twister”, and it really makes you happy with a picture, which sounds uncanny, but is nevertheless true.

I really want to take some time out to thank all those who took part in the challenge last month. It wouldn’t be a much of a challenge if only I took part; thank you so much. You can see all their images here.

This month, we’re doing something a bit more challenging. We are playing with light; sounds like fun already? In the month of May, the challenge would be to make light do the work for your photograph. I don’t care if it’s natural or artificial, sun or moon, flash or lamp, fireflies or glow-in-the-dark letters, the light in the picture should tell the story. Go out, think about the color of the light, the position, the direction and use it to give us a picture. The photo is great BECAUSE of the light; that’s the challenge.

This is so much fun, I’m tingling with excitement! I can’t wait to catch a group of fireflies in a jar or inject my roommate’s pet fish with a fluorescent solution. May is the month I finally get out of my comfort zone of portrait shots and begin to drain my think tank. No doubt I’ll need something new to obsess over this month, that’s why I got a Nikkor 55-200mm AF-S f4-5.6 G VR lens to get my juices flowing into places I never knew existed. It’s honestly my new favorite lens; I don’t know what I was doing with a 50mm f1.8 (actually, I love that lens too, but there’s a new wife in town now). I may (or may not) write a review of it later in the month, but if you’re thinking of buying your first telephoto lens of honest value and great quality, that’s the lens for you, I promise.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Go out and use light to tell a story and make us cry like the Spike Jonze’s Her. Then don’t forget to post the link here as a comment on any of my blog posts. If you have Facebook, like my page “Victor Ohwo Photography”, to see some more from my portfolio. I’ll be inspiring you every other day here on the blog with my photos where the light works for me. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

In oddly related news, I’m starting a movement to destroy Apple before they release a MacBook Air that is better designed and of greater processing power than my current 2013 model. But before then, here’s a picture of someone that kind of looks exactly like me: Victor by Yazan Okay fine. It is me.


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