New Year Food For Thought


Just because today is 31st of December and it crosses over to the 1st of January, everything seems to mean a little more to everyone. Whether it’s the festivities, or the mere fact that a new year is about to begin, for some reason, people want to spend their cross-over night in church and they make it seem obligatory to do so, people want to be more careful with what they say to each other, people want to watch what they eat into the new year, everyone immediately takes their life more seriously than they do on any other day. Suppose today was 20th of June and we were crossing over to 21st of June, would we care so much? Chances are it wouldn’t mean anything to us, even if 20th was a Sunday, some people still wouldn’t go to church and they wouldn’t care. Perhaps we should put more thought into the whole “New Year” thing; maybe we should try to take everyday just as seriously as January 1st, maybe we should take every cross-over night just as seriously as we take the transition from December 31st to January 1st, maybe we should watch what we say to one another every day of the year, maybe we should get on our knees and give glory to God as we move from one day to the other and not run to God only on New Year’s eve. Perhaps the New Year should not be only about the day, but about the entire year.


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