What We Learnt This Week

Hurray! November is coming to an end…oh! Wait. What’s that? There’s still one entire week to go? Then why does that restaurant across the street already have a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” sign hanging over its door? Okay, fine. Hurray! The 3rd week of November has come to an end! Happy now? Yes, yes you are. It’s been a great week and here are a few things we (yes, we) have learnt:

  1. PlayStation 4 is an awesome console

PS 4

No doubt about it the arrival of the Sony PS 4 has changed the way my week has been going. All of a sudden I have a smile on my face for no apparent reason, all because a new toy has arrived. Am I getting the console? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Am I getting it right now? No, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a PS 4 until next summer. Sony has outdone themselves and their counterparts, Microsoft, with this new impressive piece of hardware with an awesome looking console, impressive graphics (although I wouldn’t expect to be mind-blown like I was with the PS 2 to PS 3 transition), a great controller and best of all its $100 cheaper than its rival, Xbox One. Surely, I think the PS 4 is awesome and I bet a lot of people do too: 1 million units sold in its first 24 hours, that has got to be some sort of record. If you want to read the preview I wrote about the PS 4, you can get it here.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and FIFA thinks so too.

C.R 7

The display the Portuguese maestro has been putting on both in La Liga and on what should be called the world stage has been nothing less of LEGEND…wait for it… DARY, Legendary. With a hat trick against Real Sociedad taking his tally to 16 this season in the Spanish league (PS: Lionel Messi has 8 goals), a late winner for Portugal last week in the play-offs and then another hat trick this week with Portugal, the Real Madrid playmaker is in scintillating form and deserves to be the world’s best footballer of the year. I know I’m right because FIFA agrees with me. They didn’t care how it was going to look, they stretched the time for voting for the FIFA Ballon D’or and allowed voters who had already voted, the chance to change their minds and cast a “better” vote. So yes, voting ends on November 29 and the name is Cristiano Ronaldo not Lionel Messi, Franck Ribery and the other guy…what was his name again? F**K I can’t remember. Oh! Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Yeah, that’s it. Don’t vote for him too.

3. Originals is the reason we still watch The Vampire Diaries


Yes, we. I know you didn’t watch it too, but you’ll watch it later. There’s nothing to hate about Originals; it has a black man in control, an outstandingly pretty and powerful teenage witch, a gentleman and a guy with a British accent. Who hates those things? No one! But TVD is killing my vibe with Ketsia, or is it Tasa, amnesia-Stefan, third-wheel Jeremy, Ghost Bonnie, meddling Caroline, Dr. Do-too-little, Traveller Matt, Elena, Kat-Elena, and Elena-from-two-thousand-years-ago and lets not forget Original Stefan: is he a witch, is he a vampire? Oh! He is a witch that drinks blood, that’s convenient. Originals is why we watch TVD and I hope the producers have a plan to spice up what used to be the reason I lived for Fridays with some cutting edge drama like Bonnie coming back to life along with Alaric, that would be awesome.

4. Nobody likes a smart-ass

What more can I say; they’ll hate you for what you’ve got, they’ll hate you for what you haven’t.

5. Instagram has come to Windows Phone


Finally, it’s been a while since I uploaded a photo to a community that actually appreciates photography, Instagram. Although I am tempted to say we are now catching up with android and iOS, I’m afraid of being struck by lightning immediately after I say it. But, nonetheless as I said on Facebook, “INSTAGRAM”!!!!!!!!!


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