Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On

I am an arrogant person. Yes, I admit that with pride. How do I know this, because I am a writer, or blogger at least. Blogging is an act of arrogance because it sends the message that everyone else should stop whatever it is they are doing, and read my thoughts, opinions, stories and sometimes-outright insanity.

I became arrogant a while ago. About one year ago, I stole a place in the heart of a young lady’s blog titled THE STUDENT’S BLOG. That was where my arrogance began, I expressed myself in the most absurd of ways. I would post about anything. From actual life experiences on how tough it gets to be me, to step-by-step instructions on what to do when your girlfriend turns into a mermaid. It was hilarious, and I know this because people loved it. They called it genius. But what made it really interesting was that I loved doing it. I loved being the guy who put a smile on their faces with the simple witty use of teenage lingo.

All that made my arrogance grow even more, as now, I was regarded with the same name that graced the likes of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Christopher Nolan and whoever secretly designed iOS 7. I took myself to the next level and opened my own blog, or as I like to call it, my portal of arrogance. The blog would be my very own safe haven of everything that tickles my fancy and drives me to want everyone else waste precious minutes of their lives on it.

I love my arrogance, because for some reason, it is what I love to be. I am a very opinionated person, and that comes off the back of a rather exposed life I have had the opportunity of living. I love to share the experiences I have had and paint a certain picture of clever genius to it. Most importantly, I love my arrogance because it is my hobby, craving, redemption, respite and, most of all, it is who I am.

So log on, follow, like, comment, and engage yourself in the act of reading, whatever. Even counter opinions are welcome, as long as no explicit language is used (I’m very sensitive). I can’t promise it would be like Moby Dick or Charles Dickens or Dan Brown or Khaled Housseini (whoever that is) and the rest, but I can affirm that it would be fun, funny and sometimes really inspiring because that’s what I stand for; that life is not in anyway difficult, but simple. And the simplicity of life is in our ability to take what seems like a hurtful, painful, trauma-inducing, heartbreaking experience and turn it into a bed of metaphorical roses, using it to get one step ahead of our constantly evolving adversaries.


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